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Tractor Zoom’s is providing risk-free advertising for used equipment and marketing managers to reach a bigger audience, diversify your marketing channels, and gain helpful insights into who is interested in your equipment. Tractor Zoom's focus is not trying to capture your ad dollars. At Tractor Zoom we are focused on collaborating with our partners to bring transparency to heavy machinery data and help people make better decisions. By partnering with dealers to promote listings and deliver leads, we both win by gaining better insights into the ag market. 

Why Should You Get Your Dealership's Equipment on Tractor Zoom?

Expanded Audience. Farmers are purchasing equipment from across the country. Reach a broader audience with listings on Tractor Zoom.

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Actionable Insights. Tractor Zoom is a data company who believes in transparency. With a full-time data scientist on staff we provide real-time analytics and dashboards of how your listings are performing.

No Risk. There are no hidden costs. You can reach more potential buyers and receive buyer insights without spending your marketing dollars.

There will be other sales seasons, just not like this one! 2021 farm profits are peaking with low spring input costs and high commodity prices this harvest. Next year will (hopefully) be good, but we all know 2022 input costs are rising across the board. Even a bumper crop will likely not result in as high of profitability next year. This is the year when farmers will be looking for those big purchases to help offset their tax burden. Join the 400+ dealer locations and 500+ auctioneers currently on Tractor Zoom who are already realizing this surge! The line for dealer listings is first-come, first-serve. Sign up now to save your place in line to get your lot listings up on Tractor Zoom! Please don’t wait. 

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Not a catch. Not a gotcha, but a true partnership. The way partnerships were meant to be. Tractor Zoom has been offering this model to our auctioneers for years. The number of auctioneers who have signed up has grown from a couple dozen in 2017 to over 500, covering 75% of the US farm auction market. Now Tractor Zoom would like to help equipment dealers reach that expansive audience in the same way.


What's the catch?

Data Transparency is just a fancy way of saying “It's your information. You should be able to see it.” We understand that knowledge is power, but your power is limited if your advertisers limit what you can and cannot see. Tractor Zoom provides dealerships real-time analytics to the performance of their listings. So even if your website is not yet delivering the insights you need to adjust your marketing strategy, our listings and dashboards will.

Plus, we all know how much more business is being done on everyone’s mobile device, especially farmers (hyperlink our webinar)! We are committed to being mobile-first, and a best-in-class user experience for all of our users.

What is Data Transparency, and why should I care? 

We are not an advertising company, so we don’t rely on ad dollars to keep our lights on. By being a data company where diesel meets data, we win when our partners (you) win. The more buyers we drive to our site, the more views and sales you get, and the more understanding of the market we are able to share back with you.  We don’t try to do your job. You are the best at selling your equipment, which is why we send leads directly to your site. We’ll just help by funneling buyers to you, and providing you the information that can help you make informed marketing decisions.

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What: No Cost Equipment Listings

For: Used Equipment & Marketing Managers

Why: Expand Market Reach & Gain Insights

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Expanded Audience. 500+ Auctioneers and 400+ dealer locations are already benefiting from Tractor Zoom's wider marketing reach.